Google’s Deal to Buy Twitch For $1 Billion Reportedly Went Through

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Remember back in May when rumors broke that Google was buying Twitch, the livestreaming website for $1 billion? According to a new report from Venture Beat, the deal has gone through, making Google the new owners of Twitch and its insanely fast-growing community of broadcasters, viewers, and advertisers. 

While there are no details on the exact purchase price or a set date for the announcement, investors are reportedly happy with the return on their initial investment from the acquisition.

The deal, headed by Google’s YouTube division, could show that Google is willing to grant enough purchasing power to just about any sector of its¬†company, as long as the deal seems juicy enough. According to the latest data, Twitch accounts for 1.35% of the entire Internet’s traffic. When you think about how much traffic takes place everyday, that is quite the staggering statistic.

Without any further details, we would hate to speculate as to what Google’s intentions are with Twitch. Will they partner it with YouTube, forming a single brand? We just don’t know quite yet, as Google and Twitch remain silent.

It’s crazy what $1 billion will buy you these days.

Via: Venture Beat



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