LG Announces Puppy Pop Game for G3 QuickCircle Case Users

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I’ve never understood so-called glance-able smartphone cases. HTC’s Dot View and Samsung’s S-View cover seem like transient novelties to me, forms in search of function. How much time do they really save you, anyway, when you are still required to fish out your device from your pocket?

My biases aside, I think most will agree that LG’s announcement of a game designed for its QuickCircle case is a little ridiculous. Puppy Pop is a time-based match-three game, won by drawing lines through identical puppies. Scores can be shared on social networks.

I’m struggling to think up a use case or target demographic for this, but perhaps if you are obsessively concerned about the cleanliness of your touchscreen, prefer playing games in a circular window as opposed to your entire phone’s display, or just really need to justify your purchase of a QuickCircle case, this app might be for you.

Puppy Pop will be made available to download for free from Google Play starting sometime today, the first game to leverage a cut-out case. Once the link is available, we will update this post.

Hopefully, it’s the first and last of its kind.

Via: LG



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