Google to Rename “Free” Apps With IAPs, Needs to Scare Kids Away

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Over in Europe, a handful of companies got a slap on the wrist for not securing their app stores properly from children. The European Commission (EU) is forcing Google and others in the selling business to better label applications that are free to download, but feature hefty amounts of in-app purchases. 

Apparently, a lot of children were downloading applications that were marked free, only to find themselves spending a ton of their parent’s money on extra lives and special power ups inside of games. Once the parents found out on their monthly statements, they rallied to make sure this situation would stop happening to children and parents.

From what is stated by the EU, Google will implement these changes by the end of September, which includes the discouragement of children buying applications, as well as implementing measures to monitor breaches of EU law.

American consumers probably won’t have to worry about having their “free” button renamed, but if Google thinks this new naming scheme is perhaps better, maybe we could see it adopted over here.

Via: Engadget



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