Google Maps 8.2.0 Adds Bicycle Elevation, Voice Actions in Navigation

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A Google Maps update to version 8.2.0 showed up last night and actually includes new goodies for you to look forward to. Once updated, you will find that bicycle directions now include elevation and a comparison of elevation between multiple routes to get you to a destination with less strain. You will notice that the profile button in the search bar has been replaced by a voice actions button, with the profile information moving into the slideout menu under a “Your places” section.

Finally, and probably most notably, a voice actions button has been added to navigation, so as you are traveling along, you can speak commands to Maps to get important information back. For example, you could say “Show traffic” to get an overview of the current traffic situation, or “how long until I get there” to get a status update.

8.2.0 is a sneaky good update from Google. Update through Google Play if you can or sideload the apk below.

Play Link | Download Link

Via:  Android Police



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