Moto 360 May Launch Alongside the Moto X+1, Use Moto Maker for Customization

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It seems Motorola was not kidding when it gave a launch timeframe of “late summer” for the show-stopping Moto 360. According to PhoneArena, the company plans to coincide the smartwatch’s release with the unveiling of the Moto X+1. If history is any indication, that could place a retail date squarely in August.

Motorola reportedly plans to sell the device through Moto Maker, with the choice of either a black or steel-colored watch body, and a variety of wrist straps. The choice of bands may unfortunately be limited at launch – while colored leather and rubber wristbands will almost certainly be available, metal bands are apparently facing delays.

According to our recent Android Wear device poll, an overwhelming majority of readers favor the Moto 360 over other offerings from Samsung and LG.

Now that it may not debut for a couple of months, are you still willing to wait?

Via: PhoneArena



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