Android-based, “Privacy-Optimized” Blackphone Begins Shipping to Buyers

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Paranoid that any number of government agencies are recording and collating your every move, building a detailed profile of your interests, friends, and tendencies? The Android-based, “privacy-optimized” Blackphone may finally provide you peace of mind.

Designed by cryptography Silent Circle and manufactured by Geeksphone, the smartphone’s skin atop Android – PrivatOS – builds in a number of security features, aimed at making your smartphone activities less conspicuous. 

Buyers who ordered the Blackphone shortly after Mobile World Congress should receive theirs soon. Geeksphone will begin accepting new orders on July 14.

The hardware isn’t anything to write home about, though. The phone features an NVIDIA Tegra 4i, 4.7-inch 720p display, 8MP camera, and a 2000mAh battery. Given this phone’s main focus of privacy, specifications took a bit of a backseat.

A litany of built-in apps make Blackphone “more secure” than your average Android handset. Silent Phone and Silent Text allow users to route calls and SMS, respectively, through secure servers. Kismet Smarter Wi-Fi Manager prevents Wi-Fi hotspots from retaining sensitive information like your connection history and location data. And Security Center lets you revoke app permissions on an individual basis.

The Silent Circle team swapped out Google search for Disconnect, a security-conscious provider which does not store any identifying information (e.g., IP addresses, cookies). Disconnect also hosts a VPN, which the Blackphone makes easily accessible.

Also in tow with Blackphone is remote wipe, along with encrypted cloud storage by SpiderOak.

Anyone still interested in Blackphone?

Blackphone Shipping World’s First Privacy-Optimized Smartphone

Handsets now shipping to customers; Web store re-opens July 14 for new orders

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: June 30, 2014 – SGP Technologies SA, the Switzerland-based joint venture of Silent Circle behind Blackphone, today announced that Blackphone handsets have started shipping to the device’s first pre-order customers. SGP Technologies formally launched Blackphone earlier this year at Mobile World Congress (MWC). There is overwhelming demand for the phone’s focus on user privacy and the unmatched array of integrated features for private communications, browsing, and cloud storage that make Blackphone a category-defining leader in privacy phones. Most recently, *MIT Technology Review* recognized Blackphone on its prestigious list of the “10 Breakthrough Technologies”
of 2014. In addition, Blackphone has won two other awards since its media launch: “The 10 Best Products at MWC 2014” and 2014 Red Herring Europe Top 100 Winner.

“We are excited to achieve this key milestone on schedule and ship a remarkable device to customers that is the result of an unprecedented combination of privacy and mobile innovations and visionaries,” said Toby Weir-Jones, CEO of SGP Technologies. “Blackphone’s arrival puts mobile privacy directly in the hands of professionals and consumers everywhere. In a world where devices and apps increasingly offer features only in return for users’ personal or sensitive information, the pent-up demand for Blackphone shows there is strong, international demand for our brand’s devices and services that stand apart by placing privacy before all else.”

Blackphone is the world’s first smartphone built from the ground up to maximize user privacy. Blackphone’s security-enhanced operating system, PrivatOS, built on Android™ KitKat, provides users protection and control over security issues without the usual compromises. The unique advantages include:

*Private **communications:* Blackphone features private encrypted voice and video calls and text messaging with attachments via Silent Circle, Silent Phone and Silent Text  apps created by Phil Zimmermann  and Jon Callas, giving users the freedom to communicate securely anywhere they find cellular or Wi-Fi connections.

*Wi-Fi security: *The included Kismet Smarter Wi-Fi Manager prevents Wi-Fi hotspots from capturing Blackphone users’ wireless connection history and other information that could be used to track users’ locations or patterns of activity and information about sensitive office or home networks.

*Security Center:* Gives owners complete control over application permissions, allowing immediate changes without rebooting or reinstalling.

*Remote wipe and protect:* A powerful remote wipe tool gives Blackphone owners further peace of mind in having the ability to control their phone’s data from anywhere in the world.

*Anonymous Web browsing and VPN: *Disconnect Search  is the default search provider for Blackphone, offering private browsing protection from invasive Web monitoring by hiding users’ IP address, browser cookies and personal information. Blackphone also features Disconnect’s
Secure Wireless app, which is a smart VPN designed to prevent eavesdropping over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

*Private cloud storage: *Blackphone owners can access files in SpiderOak’s  private encrypted cloud service right from their mobile device, knowing only they have the means to decrypt and access their private files.

Blackphone’s initial inventory sold out quickly in the months following Mobile World Congress and SGP Technologies will re-open the Blackphone Web store at
on July 14 to begin accepting new orders. Customers in certain countries will be able to order Blackphone handsets through the device’s carrier partners, such as KPN N.V.



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