Android L Features: Interacting With the New Lock Screen

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Up next in our tour of new features in Android L is a detailed, on-video look at the revamped lock screen experience.

If you have used Android at all over the years, a lot of the new concepts will make sense once you see them in action. There are quick swipes to launch into the camera or dialer, ways to expand out notifications, and access to your settings toggles should you need to adjust brightness or get on a WiFi network. 

With that said, things have changed around quite substantially. Notifications are no longer hidden away in a notification drawer – they are presented on the lock screen without the need to swipe anywhere. There is no longer an unlock circle – a swipe up anywhere on the screen gets you unlocked and to your home screen. If you want to access the camera, you will find a similar swipe on the screen to the left, but Google has also added a swipe to the right to get directly into the dialer. And that’s not all.

To see the full tour of the new lock screen setup, hit up the video below.




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