“OK, Google. Set the Temperature” is Coming Soon to Nest, Other Services too Thanks to Developer Program

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Nest announced its new developer program this evening, just two days before Google kicks off its annual developer conference. The Google-owned smart home company has worked with a number of companies behind the scenes to get to this day, which means they are already showing off some of the potential of opening up their API and giving developers tools to get products a “Works with Nest” badge of honor, if you will.

Think of having a more “conscious and thoughtful home,” that is more aware because of Nest’s interaction with the products you use every day. 

Companies like Mercedes-Benz, Whirlpool, IFTTT and Jawbone are all on-board with the Nest developer program. With Mercedes working alongside your thermostat, Nest could know as you drive you car home that it should turn the temperature to 70-degrees. With Jawbone interaction, your Nest Thermostat would know the moment you wake up or go to bed, so your temperature could automatically be set. With a service like IFTTT, you could do something like, “If my Nest Protect detects smoke, then send a text message to my neighbors.”

Starting to see the possibilities?

Oh, and of course, Google integration is coming. The example that Nest gives is the most obvious – through Google Now you could say, “OK, Google. Set the temperature to 75.” Nest has announced that this action is “coming this Fall.”

If you are a developer and would like to look into the Nest developer program, hit up the links below.


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