Moto 360 Charger Hits FCC, Confirms Qi Wireless Charging

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A recent accessory filing at the FCC is giving us details on Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch that weren’t previously made public. According to a listing for a wireless charger that showed up days ago, it certainly would appear to confirm that Motorola will use Qi wireless charging to bring power to the 360. 

The charger is called “wireless charger” throughout the FCC documents, but the dead giveaway is the handful of references to the “Moto 360” being used to help test it. As you can see below, the test setup included the “wireless charger,” a “smart watch” that is also referred to as a “Moto 360,” and an AC adapter. Actually, the real dead giveaway is the mention in the cover letter that specifically says “This device is a wireless charging device, implementing the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) protocol, and is intended for use with the Moto 360 wrist-worn device.”

The note on this charger implementing the “Wireless Power Consortium” is noteworthy as well, for the simple fact that we are talking about Qi wireless charging. Most of today’s chargers and phones follow this standard, so we can’t help but acknowledge our approval of Motorola’s decision. There is a chance (though it might be small) that you may already have a charger that will work with the Moto 360.

I am personally hoping that Motorola has built the Moto 360 to be set on top of a charger to have it charged. Most wearables these days require an extra adapter to be attached to them before they can charge, which if I’m being honest, is a complete pain in the rear. If we are going to have to charge an additional device each night along with our smartphones, making the process as simple as possible should be an area of focus. Motorola may have realized that, something that can’t be said for Samsung and LG.

Good news?

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