Rumor: Google Once Again Introducing New Design Guidelines, so Developers can Ignore Them Too

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According to the latest rumor du jour, Google is going to introduce yet another set of design guidelines for not only its apps, but for the rest of the app world too (including iOS). You know, because developers really bought into Holo and hamburger menus and all that stuff so quickly…mmhmm. This is just what we need!

So, this new design direction is reportedly called Quantum or “Quantum Paper” and it will be introduced with the “L” version of Android, which if you aren’t keeping track, follows Kit Kat. We still don’t know if that will be Android 4.4.4 or 4.5 or 5.0, but should continue the candy trend for names. The idea of Quantum is to unify design framework across all platforms for Google apps, while also encouraging third party developers to do the same.

According to today’s report, Google will slowly rollout Quantum-styled apps of their own leading up to the release of the “L” version of Android. Apps like the newly revamped Google+ are a part of this new initiative, in case you were looking for current Quantum examples. Leaked screenshots showing a potentially massive Gmail overhaul also fall under Quantum. If you couldn’t tell, a re-done header with bold colors appears to be part of the focus.

Once the “L” version arrives, the Quantum framework will be made available to third party developers, who we hope can adopt it easily.

So yeah, rumored design talk. Such fun.

Edit:  I realized that this came off as the most negative post in recent memory. Apologies for that. I guess I just have had a front row seat to developers failing to adopt the previous design guidelines, so pardon me if I’m failing to get excited about a new set for developers.

I’m all for Google making more beautiful apps that integrate similar experiences everywhere, but I think the idea that third party developers will jump on board is pretty unlikely. Then again, maybe Google has figured out the magic this time around. Hope so!

Via:  Android Police



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