Sony Teases Picture of a Very Slim Device, Calls It “The Next Big Thing”

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In a move that is sure to make Samsung lawyers start drafting up a lawsuit, Sony released a picture teasing us with a new device this morning. Apparently, Sony has “the next big thing” this season, and this is our first look at it. 

The teaser picture is just that, a tease. We do not get so see much of this new device, but we can make out what seems to be a power button, maybe a volume rocker and what could be a SIM card slot. It definitely looks like a mobile device, not one of the many other products that Sony produces, but that’s also where it is interesting.

Sony just announced the Xperia Z2 in February at Mobile World Congress. Could we be looking at a new variant of the Z2? Maybe a Z2 Compact? Possibly a Z2 Ultra? A full-sized Z2 tablet already exists and the Z2 itself is already a whopping 5.2″, so a Note-like device would have a hard time fitting in as well. Right now we will just have to wait and see what Sony has in store for us.

What is your best guess for this mysterious device?

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