Fresh New Dialer Arrives in Android 4.4.3

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Android 4.4.3 is going to slowly rollout over the next couple of days, now that the update has hit AOSP and the factory images have been released. As that happens and more people get their hands on the new goodness, we will undoubtedly find subtle changes here and there that Google has tossed in. The first that we are noticing is a brand new skinned dialer that carries a much lighter theme than we saw in builds below 4.4.3. 

This dialer has actually been seen before, thanks to the official @GoogleNexus Twitter account that accidentally used a screenshot from the new dialer back in April. The new skin, as you can see, includes all sorts of blue, white, and grey, rather than the blue, black, and white combo that we have seen up until now. There are also subtle changes to the history page, where a history button has been used in favor of the previous dialer’s call logo. You will see new green colors in places where you don’t have a contact image. Previously, Google used a grey icon.

So not a huge change, but definitely a bunch of little things to go along with the color switch.

If you don’t want to wait for the OTA to hit your device, you can always flash a factory image to get things like this new dialer. Just keep in mind that flashing a factory image will completely wipe your phone clean. You will lose everything.

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