Leaked Image Hints Towards FitBit Force Relaunch Later This Year

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In January, reports started to surface suggesting that people who purchased the FitBit Force were having an allergic reaction to the material used in the band. Even though these reports only constituted 1.7% of the customer base, FitBit issued a recall for the device and offered refunds for anyone affected by it. They have not been on sale since, but @evleaks seems to have found evidence that they are working on getting it back out there. 

In the slide that was leaked, there is a list of features next to two images of a slightly modified Force band. The list of features is mostly similar – tracking steps, sleep and calorie goals, while also being able to sync to your phone wirelessly to keep it all organized. Caller ID and real-time run stats were also listed, which would be new features for the Force if this leak is true. The iOS version had notification support, but that never made it to Android before the recall.

The price is set at the same price as it was before the recall, $130. It does look like they have changed the design since its initial version, and @evleaks states that this new edition is hypoallergenic to make sure that no one has reactions to it again. It is also supposedly “more waterproof,” but the original Force was never that secure against water to begin with.

Willing to give FitBit another shot if this leak ends up being true?

fitbit force leak

Via: @evleaks



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