After Deal Falls Through, Facebook Readies Snapchat Competitor Codenamed Slingshot

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At the end of last year, the public was made aware of a deal-gone-south between Facebook and Snapchat, which had Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg offering a reported $3 billion for control of the company. As we all now know, that deal never transpired, leaving Facebook to work tirelessly on a rival application, codenamed Slingshot

According to sources of Financial Times, Slingshot is being overseen directly by Zuckerberg, who may still scrap the entire project before it ever sees the light of day. However, if Slingshot does go live, it could be launched “this month.”

The application, much like Snapchat, would allow users to send short videos to friends by only pressing a couple of buttons which can only be viewed once. It would be fast, sleek, extremely easy to use, and would be a standalone offering much like Facebook Messenger according to sources.

There is no doubting Snapchat’s popularity among the younger crowd, as even my 10-year old niece with an iPod Touch won’t stop talking about it; even though her mother refuses to let her create an account. After the unveiling of live video between users in the app’s latest update, it seems Facebook will have a lot of catching up to do if they plan on stealing any users away from Snapchat.

When and if more information is made available, we will post it up.

Via: Financial Times



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