Developers Get Ready: Google I/O 2014 Scheduled has Been Released

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With Google I/O 2014 happening in just over a month, the official schedule of events has been posted so that developers can start planning. Google has decided that the focus of this year’s event is to help you “design, develop and distribute,” which means there are sessions that include topics from “design principles and techniques to the latest developer tools and implementations.” 

After taking a quick look through the list of events, I’m seeing at least eight specific Android-related events. But as you will soon realize after looking through both days, Google is working on so many cross-platform ideas and services that almost half could probably fall back on Android on some level. 

I would venture to guess that the one of the most important sessions of the week will be the 1PM, June 25, get-together to talk “What’s New in Android.” This session takes place two hours after the opening keynote, following a lunch break. In other words, after we get all of the new Android goodie announcements during the keynote, this session will try to bring it all together. The session card says, “Join us for a thrilling, guided tour of all the latest developments in Android technologies and APIs. We’ll cover everything that’s new and improved in the Android platform since…well, the last time.” Should be good.

Also, the Android Fireside Chat that wraps up day 1 should be entertaining. In years past, developers and the Android team often get a little chippy with each other over issues that either haven’t been addressed or changes that come off as being questionable for the platform.

Outside of those sessions, there are others dedicated to building in Chromecast support for apps, cross-platform design, wearable computing, building in multi-media experiences on Android, using more services to build better Android apps, Android Wear, ART Runtime, and a couple for Google Play Games.

Check out the full list of sessions at the link below.

Via:  Google I/O | Google Developers



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