Top 5 Android Games: April 2014

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We are nearing the end of yet another month, one that has been a great month for mobile gamers on Android. With the launch of a handful of solid titles, you have more than likely been superglued to your phone’s screen, but we won’t judge you. Maybe your mom or girlfriend will, though.

We have assembled our top five new games for Android from the month of April, so take a look below and see if you missed any of them. If you did, now is your chance to catch up.

If you think we screwed up, and there is a better game that we didn’t list, tell us how badly we suck in the comments below. 

1. The Walking Dead: Season One (Free)

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead got a special treat this month, with the launch of the official The Walking Dead game, which puts you in the shoes of Lee Everett. Lee was on his way to jail for an alleged murder, but while in the backseat of a cop car, his fate was changed. Now stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, Lee must protect himself and a little girl from being eaten alive.

What I like most about the game is that your own choices along with the way you respond to people’s questions, play a direct involvement in the way events play out. You can choose to be a good guy or you can take a darker approach to things. Will you spare lives or will you kill every chance you get? It’s fantastic.

The first Season is free to download, but due to the game’s addictiveness, don’t plan on not spending any cash with this game. Additional seasons are priced at $4.99 each, or a season pass can be bought for $14.99, which gives access to the five following seasons and a special episode, “400 Days.”

Trust me, if you love The Walking Dead, you are going to want this game.


2. Don’t Tap The White Tile (Free)

One game which surprisingly caught my attention this month was Don’t Tap The White Tile. I very much try not to judge a book by its cover (or an app by its screenshots on Google Play), but from what I initially saw, I wasn’t overly excited to try it out. Once I did, I was pleasantly surprised at just how much fun I had.

In the game, there are a few different modes to play. My favorite is the Classic mode, in which you race the clock to see how fast you can tap all of the black tiles (without tapping any white tiles), and making it to the top of the level. You may think it is easy at first, but once you start trying to beat your own time, you will realize how much hand-eye coordination it actually takes to do well in this game.

This title is completely free and completely addictive. While it may be short on graphics and overall sex appeal, it’s still a fun time waster.

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3. Impossible Road ($1.99)

Impossible Road is awesome. Previously launching months ago on iOS, it finally made its way to Android and immediately hit all of the top charts on Google Play. The gameplay is very easy to explain – just control a ball as it tumbles down a road which is impossible to navigate. Easy enough, yeah? Not at all.

If you do fall off the road, don’t fret! The game gives you a few seconds to try to get back on the road, which will actually help your score if you can get back on and control the ball for long enough.

The game costs $1.99 on Google Play, but is worth every penny. The replay value is amazing, plus whenever I am stuck in a boring situation that doesn’t take too much brain power, I go to Impossible Road.

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4. EPOCH 2 ($4.99)

The much-anticipated sequel to EPOCH finally came to Android this month, with many players instantly gobbling it up on Google Play. You play as EPOCH, a robot which is tasked to protect a princess. Unfortunately, you don’t know where the princess is and there just so happens to be a war being waged between two robot armies at the same time. It’s a real pain in the butt, but completely worth the journey to find her.

The game features customizable and upgradable weapons, which allow for fun and addictive gameplay. To top it off, there are epic boss battles which will leave you wanting more and more robot carnage.

EPOCH 2 costs $4.99 on Google Play, and if you played the first EPOCH, you will know the graphics and gameplay alone justify that price. Go grab it if robot shooters are your thing.

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5. XCOM: Enemy Unknown ($9.99)

The latest major release for Android this month is XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I have been too busy to deeply dive into it, but from the 20 minutes I have played, I can tell that this will be an epic time. In the game, you play as a commander of an elite military force known as XCOM. When aliens intend to invade our planet, it is up to you to build military posts, plan battles on enemies, and lead your troops into battle.

On top of just killing aliens, who for some reason always want to annihilate us, you must discover and use their technology against them, all while upgrading your own troop of soldiers. It is very intense and challenging trying to manage everything in the game, but totally worth the effort.

This game will run you $9.99, but the quality of XCOM is no joke; just look at the user reviews on Google Play if you need more convincing.

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