Mailbox Update for Android Adds Action Buttons to Notifications

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Ever since Mailbox finally made its way onto Android, I have mostly merged by email life over to the 3rd party client. I like having a single inbox to manage multiple email accounts, plus it seems to have helped me clean up the thousands of emails we receive in a week that I would typically just brush off and come back to later. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some things I don’t miss about Gmail, though. One of those in particular is action buttons in notifications. 

You know, the buttons for delete/archive or reply that show up alongside your notifications in the notification shade that allow you to act upon an email without having to first open the message? In the original release of Mailbox, there were no action buttons, so each and every time you received an email, you had to fully enter the app. I can tell you right now, that action buttons were the first feature my mind began to request as I made the switch over.

Well, they are now a part of Mailbox too, thanks to an update that was pushed through Google Play, today. In the update, these new action buttons will be turned on by default, showing buttons for Archive, Snooze, or Reply. The only change you can make is to check a box in settings to swap out Archive for Delete.

If you tap Snooze, you will see a pop-up on top of whatever you are doing with time-sensitive selections. The Reply button opens up the mail draft, of course. The Archive/Delete button will do exactly that.

I never thought I would be so excited about a couple of little buttons. The update is live, go grab it.

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