Pac-Man Monsters Hits Google Play, a Unique and Engaging Take on a Classic Title

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Everyone loves Pac-Man. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s a true classic, as you navigate through levels, eating pellets and avoiding ghosts. As it is 2014, developers thought it was time to breathe new life into Pac-Man, and have apparently done so with a new game called Pac-Man Monsters

It isn’t your typical Pac-Man, and you will not be navigating through courses, eating any dots you come across. Instead, the game plays as a puzzler, as you must swipe different-colored pellets, creating hit points which you then use against an army of enemies. Power-ups can also be eaten, which gives your team of good guys bigger hit points.

To me, it sort of comes off like Pokemon, with a puzzler flare of gameplay. It is rather unique, with borderline addictive qualities. If you love Pac-Man, then it’s worth a shot if you are bored.

To try your hand at this title, go grab it for free off of Google Play.

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