Depthy Adds 3D Parallax to Your Google Camera Lens Blur Photos

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Thought Google Camera‘s only killer feature was software depth-of-field? Think again. A crafty developer has created Depthy, an open source program that adds a parallax effect to photos taken with Google Camera’s Lens Blur mode.

The program’s feat is accomplished by using Lens Blur’s depth mapping, which produces a three-dimensional model of the subject being captured in order to achieve the “blur” effect. Depthy essentially makes the map navigable, allowing you to pan around the image to see “behind” objects in frame. The effect is pretty mindblowing.

To try it out for yourself, simply upload a photo taken with Lens Blur to the Depthy website. The developer notes the project is a work in progress, but the tool seemed pretty polished in my tests. Unfortunately, there is no way to save your works yet and apply them to anything useful, but given its open source nature, it’s possible a developer can come along and work this into a wallpaper app down the road. For now, it’s just a neat tool to play with.

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Via: Depthy



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