Humble Bundle 9 Gets Three New Apps — Savant: Ascent, Syder Arcade, and The Shivah

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If you are not familiar with Humble Bundle, users can buy a group of games for a lower-than-market price, all while helping app developers and a selected charity out. Its latest incarnation, Humble Bundle 9, already had six great titles to boast, but is now gaining three more for those of you who pay more than the average price for the bundle.

The first game is Savant: Ascent, which is a game where you ascend up a tower in search of a curious orb, all while battling bad guys. In Syder Arcade, you will find “serious old-school gaming,” as you blast objects in outer space in this shoot-em-up. Finally, The Shivah is a game where you will play as a Jewish Rabbi trying to uncover the truth behind a “significant amount of money” left to him.

The current average price is $3.90, so anything over that will net you these three additional titles. Keep in mind that, together, these are worth more than the current bundle price, so this could be a good opportunity to grab a few games to keep you company.


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