This is How Google Responds to a U.S. Search Warrant

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Privacy. Privacy. Privacy. It’s such a painful topic to discuss. We hate it. The government hates it. Google hates it. You hate it. But it’s a hot item thanks to all of those just mentioned. As is such, Google needs to keep addressing your privacy in order to keep many of you using their services.

In their latest privacy-focused video, Google discusses how it handles U.S. search warrants that have been received from a criminal investigation on one of its users, while maintaing privacy. The video walks through the entire process from investigator to search warrant to judge to that warrant being served on Google. Once it hits Google, a number of people touch the warrant, deciding how much information is needed, if the warrant is too vague and needs to be sent back to investigators, and then if the user needs to be notified.

It’s worth a watch, criminals.




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