The Tato Classics: Five Games You Can’t Go Wrong With

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There might be a few among you who care to know which games I instantly download, no matter what device I’m rocking. Okay, so maybe there are only two of you that actually wonder about this, but regardless, here’s my typical Android gaming routine.

Usually, when a new game comes out and I have to write about it, I will install the apk, then give it a whirl for a bit. If I don’t really like it, I will uninstall the game at the end of the day. For games that I do like, I find myself playing them nonstop throughout the day, and then when I get a new device (which is sometimes quite often), the games I enjoy will be one of the first things I download from Google Play.

So, the question is, which games do I find myself installing on different devices repeatedly? Unsurprisingly for myself, this list is hard to keep down to just five, as I usually have about 7 or 8 games that I like to have with me at all times, depending on my gaming mood.

For the sake of keeping this semi-short, here are the five games I can’t live without, complete with honorable mentions below. 

1. Dumb Ways to Die

For being a game filled with adorable little characters, watching the little critters get hit by trains and shocked by toasters is a real thrill. In Dumb Ways to Die, you the player are met with various challenges, all of which you are being timed on. You are given three lives, and if you can’t complete a puzzle in the short amount of time, your fuzzy critters will die.

Puzzles range in difficulty, and sometimes pose quite the challenge, depending on which device you are using. For example, there is one puzzle that forces you to blow into your microphone to keep an aircraft aloft. If you can’t find your microphone in time, that poor little guy piloting the plane is going to make quite the little fireball on the ground.

It’s a very easy looking game, but after some time with it, it’s anything but easy.

[responsive_vid vid_url=tyZhoSRTxyw]

2. QuizUp

Oh, how QuizUp has consumed my life over the past month. The game is very straightforward – two players go up against each other in real time, featuring questions from a topic of your choosing. Whoever answers the most questions correct in the shortest amount of time wins.

The game features over 300 different topics to master, which includes Movies, Logos, Android, Music, Food, and oh so much more. When you reach certain levels in a topic, you are given titles, which lets other players know you are not to be messed with in that given topic. For example, after reaching level 30 in Android, I was given the “Googler” title. Do I actually know as much about Android as a Googler would? Definitely not, but do my opponents know that? Of course not. For all they know, I’m Larry Page himself and I know everything there is to know about the topic. It makes for very good intimidation.

In terms of addictiveness, I enjoy the re-playability of this game much more than Flappy Bird or games of that nature. What makes QuizUp special is that it forces you to use your mind, which a lot of other popular titles do not.

The best thing is that it’s completely free to play with zero ads. Good on you, developers.

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3. The Room & The Room 2

Usually I get frustrated and bored with puzzlers, then end up throwing them off of my device as soon as possible. With The Room and The Room 2, not only do the developers mix a huge variety of difficult puzzles and challenges with great 3D graphics, but the story is also something I can get into – it’s rather dark, bordering demonic, and that’s why I like it.

In the story (from how I interpret it), a scientist/adventurer creates a machine which travels through time and space, not without first leaving you clues and puzzles to help you unlock the secrets of the machine itself. There is never a true antagonist, besides the puzzles you must complete.

In the first game, it’s hard get sidetracked on any given puzzle, as there is nowhere for your character to go. However, in the second game, a player can multitask and move about rooms, which makes solving puzzles much harder.

Each game costs a few dollars, but if you need more brain exercise, then I highly recommend giving them a try.

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4. Dead Trigger & Dead Trigger 2

No Android game collection is complete without a form of zombie game. My choice is an FPS game called Dead Trigger. When the first one was released, I was hooked to the weapons and endless hordes to slay, but when the second rendition came out called Dead Trigger 2, it was my favorite Android game ever released at that point.

The graphics are perfect for what they are, the weapons are bad ass, and the gameplay is never ending. My main issue is the wait system that the developers added in when upgrading weapons, since they’d rather you spend a couple bucks to have instant gratification. Instead of paying money, I just wait out the upgrading process, which also helps me from getting to burnt out on the title.

Whether you hate IAPs or not, Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2 are the perfect zombie FPS games on Android.

[responsive_vid vid_url=-GFXcLPr4Gk]

5. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

When I am in the mood for driving, I lean towards unrealistic titles, instead of realistic simulators. I would much rather drift a corner at 200MPH with my NOS full blast instead of having to break and downshift to 3rd to handle a turn in a video game. The NOS sounds so much more exciting.

The Need for Speed franchise has been a front runner in this category, and I have been playing their titles for years. Most Wanted is easily my favorite driving game on Android, given it’s attention to details on my favorite dream cars, sweet tracks, good soundtrack of music, and the fact that I can ram cop cars who are trying to bust me. Not today, coppers!

If you like fast-paced racing games that not only border unrealistic, but are at most times completely absurd driving situations, give it a look see.


Honorable Mentions

If you think my list is rubbish, let’s hear your top five games down below. Feel free to throw in a few honorable mentions, too.



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