OnePlus One to Feature Voice Activated Wake Up Command

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Using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, OnePlus¬†claims they have created a¬†customized voice recognition/command feature, much like the one found on the Moto X and newer DROID devices from Motorola.

The company has taken to its forum yet again, the last time to tease the dimensions of its upcoming One device, to speak briefly on their growing relationship with the team of developers at Cyanogen Inc. who are helping to create the phone’s OS.

In true OnePlus form, they are asking community members to choose which command will be programmed into the feature to wake devices from sleep mode. So far, there are three options – “Ok, OnePlus!,” “Wake up, OnePlus!” and “Alakazam!”

We’ve developed a new voice recognition/command feature based on Qualcomm’s technology which the Cyanogen team has implemented into our customized version of CyanogenMod OS. Now, you can train your OnePlus One to recognize your voice and perform different tasks even when the phone is locked!

To take part in the poll, head on over to the OnePlus forums.

Via: OnePlus Forums



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