HTC One (2014) for Verizon Now on Sale Through eBay, But It’s a Dummy Unit

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March 25 is the date set in which HTC plans on unveiling the next rendition of the One. Thanks to the Internet, folks who can’t wait that long to see just how the device will feel in their hands can place bids for a Verizon dummy unit.

Dummy units are devices shipped to carriers and other retailers for display purposes only, featuring zero working internals and fake displays. The only point of them is to give customers an idea of how the phone feels while in hand, as the weight and dimensions should be identical to a working unit. 

The bidding appears to end right on March 25, and the price is still pretty solid at around $65. Whoever posted the device took some very nice pictures of the unit, and if this is exactly what we should expect from the Big Red model, we’re impressed with the logo subtlety.

Ready to get your hands on this dummy device? Bidding is currently taking place over on eBay, so head on down.

Gotta say, this phone’s design is really starting to grow on us.


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