Fiverr Lands on Google Play, Helping People Get Jobs Done for Cheap

The website where you can find thousands upon thousands of people selling their services for as little as $5, Fiverr, now has an official Android app. On Fiverr, you can find someone willing to do pretty much anything you might need, as long as they can do it from the safety of their computer. 

For example, you can find someone willing to give you a quick guitar lesson. Just $5. Need help with a recipe that you need for dinner tonight? Just $5. Need a hypebeast blog writer to create an article for your website? You can probably find one for $5.

The Android app features a very well laid out interface, making it easy to find the service you need. In addition, a messaging service has been implemented inside of the app, which means you can keep in contact with the people you paid your Abraham Lincoln to.

You might be surprised at what people will do for $5, so go give it a quick look. Who knows, you might even see something you like.

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