PuzzleBits Released to Google Play, a Deceptively Challenging Puzzle Game

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While downloading PuzzleBits, a new game on Google Play, I’ll admit I was expecting a somewhat childish puzzle game from the look of the screenshots. Once I got to the Octopus round (the second round), however, I could feel the frustration building up inside of me. Why I couldn’t easily figure out this silly animal puzzle, I will never know.

Regardless of my inabilities, PuzzleBits is a light-hearted, yet challenging game from Noodlecake Studios, the same developers that gave us Mikey Shorts, Punch Quest, and League of Evil

In the game, you are given an outline of a thing – usually an animal or recognizable person – then are given a lot of pieces to fill the puzzle in with. It’s your typical, match this piece where it fits type of game. But as I soon realized, it’s not always easy to find where to fit your pieces.

The game is completely free, and if you have more patience than I, go give it a shot.

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