HTC Teases the Triumph of Two on Twitter, Dual Cameras All But Confirmed

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If we had not seen everything there is to see about the “All New HTC One” already at this point, HTC’s latest tweet might be a little more intriguing. Since some of the earliest leaked images of the New One, we have seen a dual camera set-up on the back and it seems that HTC believes these will help to make life “twice as beautiful.”

The short tweet reads, “On March 25, life will become twice as beautiful” and then features the image above. Nothing mentioned of a camera, but the photography in the background heavily hints towards the new camera set up that HTC is trying out. If the New One produced the pictures used in this teaser image, we will be a little bit more excited, but there is no way to be sure. For now we will have to sit and wait to see if HTC can pull together a good sequel to the One.

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