Worm Run Hits Google Play, an Endless Runner That Isn’t so Endless

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For just a dollar on Google Play, you can go download the newest hit title, Worm Run. Previously exclusive to iOS, this game takes you deep underground, flighting for survival as you navigate a maze of tunnels, while you attempt to escape with your cartoony life. But what has you on the run? A giant frickin’ worm with teeth, of course! 

Think of this game like Tremors, but without the greatest actor of all time in it, Kevin Bacon. You collect power-ups to help you navigate tunnels, as well as weapons to slow the worm down. If you have the same luck I did, the worm will get you in no time, though. Controls are all handled by swiping your fingers, so you may think the game is easy at first, but just you wait until you’re met with countless obstacles while gathering underground coins.

Come to think of it, this game is really hectic.

Pick it up on Google Play for $0.99.

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