Motorola’s Active Display and Assist See Minor Updates

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Because Motorola separated out the best features from the Moto X and new DROID line as stand-alone apps, they continue to update them regularly through Google Play. Today, we’re seeing updates for both Assist and Active Display. Neither of the updates is huge, but they do fix bugs and introduce subtle features that will only help add polish to the experience.

With Active Display, users can now control whether or not the phone vibrates when tapping on a notification. It should also honor whatever the system vibration settings have been set at. With Assist, troubleshooting of drive mode audio issues when connected to Bluetooth becomes a reality, along with better handling of “available” status and the triggering of meeting mode.

Both updates are live on Google Play now. 

What’s new in Active Display:

– Honors the system vibration settings. Turn vibration on/off by going to Settings -> Sound -> Vibrate on touch.
– More bug fixes

What’s new in Assist:

– Added support to troubleshoot drive mode audio issues when connected to Bluetooth
– Meetings where you’re marked as “Available” will no longer trigger meeting mode
– Bug fixes!

Play Links:  Active Display | Assist



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