Download Glove and Find Out Which Carrier is Best Fit for You in Three Days

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Many people struggle with getting a proper network connection at their office and even at their own homes. In this day in age, that should be unacceptable. No one should stress about not having a proper signal, and with so many carriers to choose from, it’s time you find the carrier that fits you best. With Glove, a newly-released app in beta on Google Play, certain US residents can now find which carrier is best for their lives. 

Glove is limited to a small amount of the US population so far, but once the beta is complete many more people will have access. For now, only people living in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City will be able to use the service.

Glove runs in the background on your phone for three days, pulling in certain network information which will help users see which carrier is best for what areas they live/work in. Once a carrier is chosen, Glove helps you land a deal with the chosen carrier, so you can get to enjoying your phone no matter where you are.

As mentioned, it’s extremely limited to who can run it, but if you live in one of the supported areas, go give it a try. You might be surprised by what you find.

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