Flyfit Brings Fitness Bands to Your Ankle Through Kickstarter, Lojack Jokes Welcomed

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What do you do as an entrepreneur when you find something like the smartband market growing in popularity yet are hesitant to enter it because it is completely flooded by competitors? Apparently, you build the same exact product for an athletes ankle. And that brings us to the latest Kickstarter (did you change your password yet?) project that appears to be on its way to guaranteed funding. It’s called Flyfit, and yes, it’s a smartband for your ankle. It’s an anklet! 

Like other smartbands, the Flyfit will work on both iOS and Android (Kit Kat and above), uses Bluetooth LE to save on battery life, and tracks all sorts of things (running, stairs, biking, and swimming) to help you reach fitness goals. The Flyfit comes in five colors, starts at $99, and may be better for biking or swimming since it actually tracks leg movement, unlike wristbands.

The Flyfit has an initial goal of $90,000, but after a short couple of days of being live, is closing in on the half-way mark with close to 400 backers. People seem to care about all things fitness tracking (fitness track all the things!) these days, so I’d be surprised if this didn’t at least reach its original goal.

I should point out that Flyfit appears to have added on Android compatibility after receiving a bunch of feedback. It seems as if Android compatibility was going to be a part of a stretch goal, but its creators are now going to try to get it ready for launch. Hate to say it, but after being a part of a dozen Kickstarter projects like this, I’m super skeptical at that happening or being anywhere near the experience they’ll have for iOS. Anyone else remember the Misfit Shine?

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