Lenovo CEO Looks to Turn Motorola Around in Mere Quarters After Deal Closes With Google

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With Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside already speaking on his departure from the company, Lenovo’s CEO had words of his own, stating a few rather bold claims for Motorola and its future success in the mobile market.¬†Yang Yuanqing, the CEO of Lenovo, states that the company can turn Motorola around financially after just a few quarters once the $2.91 billion deal with Google is finalized and in the books.¬†

As indicated by Yuanqing, Lenovo’s goal is to ultimately introduce the well-known US manufacturer to Chinese and emerging markets. Not only will Motorola continue to produce premium devices, but the OEM will be a major competitor in the entry-level sector. As we have seen with the Moto G, Motorola claims this to be one its biggest successes, and will keep working to produce high-quality entry-level devices.

As reported by Bloomberg, about 3,500 Motorola employees will transfer to Lenovo, which will help Motorola’s financial bottom line – at least on paper. Lenovo is hoping to close all deals with regulatory approval within six to nine months.

We still have high expectations for Motorola, and we truly hope the company won’t plan on exiting the US market anytime soon, even with its entrance into Chinese and emerging markets.

Via: Bloomberg



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