Traal Brings Back the Fun of Classic Games, No Lives and No Real Point Except Exploration

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While stumbling around Google+, attempting to navigate its jumbled UI, I saw a link to a new game on Google Play called Traal. At first, it looks like a pretty boring old school game, but that’s actually what drew me in. For me, it is when a game can emphasize its simplicity to bring forth a fun and entertaining waste of time. I was too young to play any Atari titles, but from the comments section on the game, it appears that this title is bringing back a few great memories from many players. 

There is actually no real “point” or “plot” to the game, but in the levels, you must navigate around a dark dungeon collecting scrolls and avoiding evil worm-like creatures that kill you. You have a flashlight which provides light, but be careful, because when you shine the light on a creature, your character turns away running in fear and will sometimes run right into deadly spikes.

The game features great touchscreen controls and for all of those that will ask, it is completely free with no ads or IAPs. It’s quite a lovely experience.

You will need to have Adobe Air installed on your phone, which is also free, so follow the links below and go get your dungeon exploring on.

Play Links: Trall | Adobe Air

Cheers Matias D!



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