Cruzerlite Intelligent Wallet Case for Nexus 5 – Review

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Protection for your device is very important – no one would deny that. With so many choices out there between glass screen protectors or even bumper cases, folks may even want to go the extra mile and cover up their Nexus 5 completely. The case we are looking at today is the Intelligent Wallet case from Cruzerlite, a case/cover that won’t have any troubles protecting your precious device from drops and scratches. 

Overall, the case features “two layers of protection” – the first being the outside which is a synthetic leather which folds over the display of the device. Inside the case itself is a full-size TPU Bugdroid case which your phone fits snuggly into. With the protection covered, you won’t need to worry about dropping this bad boy.

The next feature we need to showcase is the wallet aspect. On the inside left fold there is a slot for credit cards, as well as a slot for cash or whatever else you can fit in there. The case can essentially allow you to leave your regular wallet sitting at home, as this case looks to take over its job. Finally, the folds on the case are magnetic, which means the flap won’t go dangling around at unwanted times. The magnet is strong too, and since you would use it as a wallet, we don’t need to concern ourselves about our cash falling out all over the place.

As a delicious cherry on top, the front of the case features our adorable Android mascot for everyone to know which team you’re reppin’.

The case will run you $20, and when you consider the build quality and the protection it offers, isn’t too bad at all. The only thing that would keep me from sticking my device in this case every day is that the volume keys are too unaccessible for my liking. While I’m on the go, I like to be able to control my device’s volume without to much struggle. Other than that, it’s a well-made product.

To grab your very own Intelligent Wallet case from Cruzerlite, check out their online store right here.


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Cruzerlite Cruzerlite Cruzerlite Cruzerlite Cruzerlite



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