HTC M8, Successor to the One, Will Launch in Four Colors According to Newest Rumor

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According to the newest rumor, which originated on Twitter from XDA’s TV producer Shen Ye, the HTC M8 (the One successor) will come in four different colors on launch day. The tweet features four different color codes, representing the colors red, blue, dark grey (black), and light grey (silver). These same colors were used on the original One from HTC, but the blue appears to be a bit lighter than the darker blue which was used on the One a few months after the device launched. 

One thing that which always grinds people’s gears is that companies will release a phone in a single color or maybe two, and then a few months later will announce the same phone in a new color. While it’s cool to add new colors to the lineup and stay relevant in the field, it’s frustrating as a buyer who only had a couple of options at the beginning, but then come away feeling burned by not having the different color option at launch. It’s one of the many reasons why being an early adopter kind of sucks.

Besides the four different color codes, the tweet gave no indication as to when launch was or anything like that.

What has us more excited for the M8 was another rumor that claimed the M8 would be HTC’s first device to use onscreen buttons. Can you say “game changer”?

If you had to choose one, without even seeing them yet, would you go for the red, blue, black, or silver?

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