Google Issued New Patent for Google Glass Design, But These Ones Look Different

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It appears that a new version of Google Glass just ran through the USPTO, sporting some type of earbud attachment on the arms. On top of that obvious difference over the current version of Glass, the overall look of the device appears to be quite thick, but that could just be the drawing. It drums up the question, could this be what the public release version of Google Glass will look like? Pretty much an unanswerable question at this point, but it is fun to speculate.

Another possibility it that Google could release different versions of Glass suited to different use cases. As pointed out by A Quick Bit, this pictured version of Glass might be perfect for the active folks who like to run and listen to music, while also track their run in realtime.

On the paperwork, it clearly states “broken lines are environmental only and form no part of the claimed design.” So basically, we have the standard Glass headset going through the process, and the broken lines could represent accessories or attachments for the device.

Either way, we are getting closer and closer to a public launch of Glass, but at this time, we are still too embarrassed to walk into our local Starbucks to show them off.

Via: A Quick Bit | USPTO



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