Judge Deals Samsung Legal Blows, Invalidates Patent and Rules Auto-Complete Infringes on Apple’s Tech

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Samsung’s litigious battle with Apple over device patents hasn’t gone well for the Korea-based company. On Tuesday, Judge Lucy Koh invalidated Samsung’s multimedia sync patent, intellectual property that the company intended to use as leverage against Apple during an upcoming trial in March. 

Perhaps more damaging to Samsung’s case, Judge Koh ruled that some of the company’s Android devices infringe on Apple’s auto-complete technology, a mechanism that suggests words based on syntax. The decisions come hot on the heels of the Samsung’s appellate court loss last December, which permitted Apple to argue a second time for a sales ban on over 20 different Samsung devices and tablets.

Samsung needs to convince the court that Apple’s auto-complete patent is invalid if it has any hope of countering the judgement. That may be a long shot, but considering the general hostility towards Samsung’s use of fair, resonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) patents, the company doesn’t have many other options.

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