RoboCop Available on Google Play, Just in Time for the Theatrical Release

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Dying in anticipation of the upcoming RoboCop movie? This new official game may be able to soothe your anxiety. RoboCop is a third-person shooter from Glu Mobile, the makers of Eternity Warriors 3 and many other freemium titles. The main goal in the game, which has been available on iOS for a couple days now, is to “build the ultimate crime-fighting machine,” which, if you’ve watched some TV lately, is exactly what the advertisements for the movie focus on. 

In terms of actual gameplay, players are tasked with saving human hostages, doing battle with robot cronies, and upgrading their robotic suit with oh-so beloved in-app purchases.


  • SHOOT your way through console quality training simulations
  • USE drone strikes to take out large groups of enemies
  • SAVE human hostages and capture informants
  • BATTLE aggressive robot enemies from the film, like the EM-208 and the ED-209
  • UPGRADE your weapons and robotic suit to the latest technology that OmniCorp has to offer
  • SCAN your targets with body heat vision to find their location and weak points

RoboCop is now available on the Play Store for free, so go try it out and let us know what you think.

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