Circumvent NSA Surveillance with Blackphone, an Android Device Coming to MWC

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In an age of widespread government surveillance, a device that promises some semblance of the privacy we all once had sounds really appealing. Enter Blackphone, a security-oriented smartphone running a customized version of Android that its makers believe is secure enough to circumvent NSA monitoring.

A joint venture between cryptographer Phil Zimmermann’s Silent Circle company and device manufacturer Geeksphone, Blackphone is powered by PrivatOS, a fork of Android with a wide range of security enhancements designed to mask your digital footprint. The companies claim the carrier- and vendor- independent smartphone will be capable of making phone calls, texting, transferring files, and video chatting without compromising user privacy. Exactly how is another matter, but the company plans to provide additional details at Mobile World Congress in February. 

No word on availability or network compatibility yet, but we’re certain to hear more as we approach MWC. Stay tuned!


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