Colossatron is a Megabeast From Outer Space, Sent to Destroy Our Planet

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Collosatron is by no means a new game on Google Play, but for some reason, it has taken me a long time to download and play. Now that we are all done with CES, I sat down and have given it a fighting chance, but now I am disappointed I haven’t been playing it sooner. The game is great, as you play as a mechanic serpent beast from outer space, whose sole purpose is destroy the planet.

Once you crash land on Earth, you quickly assemble a monster made up of different parts. There are various colors to collect, and each one does something different. Some parts are for health, others for weapons, and others for defense. When you add parts of the same color, they create even more powerful parts, and you continue on and so forth until you have destroyed the entire city. Once you have annihilated one region, your monster is reset and you start from the beginning.

The game is only $0.99, and it is made from the same game studio as Jetpack Joyride. The graphics are well done, the music is nice, and the overall gameplay receives very high marks.

Definitely go check this title out if you haven’t already.

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