Aurora Seeks Funding Through Kickstarter, the Dream-Enhancing Headband

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This post is not really mobile or Android related per se, but if launched, there will be an Android app for it, so that’s good enough for us. The project we want to share is called Aurora, and it’s a headband that is placed right above your eyes while you sleep. In the band are various LED lights that go off at specific times to help the user get a better nights sleep, while also having lucid dreams. The LED lights also act as visual cues while in your dream, to allow the user to realize that they are in fact, dreaming. Once you know you are in a dream, the possibilities are then endless. Sounds like a great plan for Kickstarter, right? 

The project was looking for $90,000 in funding, and have past that already, sitting pretty at $130,000. Backers looking to give their money will be met with a minimum price tag of $175 for a pair of Auroras. All other early bird packages are gone. From there, the prices go up depending on how involved you would like to be on the project.

Check out the video they have posted on Kickstarter for more info.



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