Snapchat User Base Data Hacked, 4.6 Million Usernames and Phone Numbers Leaked Online

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Whether you use Snapchat for naughty or nice things (sometimes they are the same thing), your information is possibly at risk. Over the past week, news has been growing which surrounds a leak of 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers from Snapchat’s database. The information is not being used maliciously as of right now, as this is more of a wake up call to Snapchat that when exploits are not addressed by their security team, hackers won’t play nice. 

According to the anonymous hackers (no, not thee Anonymous), the exploit has been since patched by Snapchat, but the company was late to react after warnings were sent its way. It appears that this has been a simple message to Snapchat that when you are dealing with people’s information, you should try harder to protect it.

A directory of all information has been posted, but with sensitive information being blurred. To see if your account information was leaked, you can check here.


Via: Huffington Post



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