Report: LG Readies G3 With Fingerprint Scanner, G Arch Smartwatch, and G Health Fitness Tracker for MWC

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Don’t tell me you are surprised by the idea that LG is readying a follow-up to the G2 with its own set of wearable gadgets. It may seem too soon, but the company didn’t exactly sell its current flagship in the record numbers it was hoping for and are likely looking to rebound with something new. With smartwatches, even as rough-around-the-edges as they currently stand, you are looking at the hot tech topic of the moment right now that every company  is seemingly interested in creating. According to two separate reports out of Korean media outlets, LG will more than likely introduce the new G3 and up to two wearable devices by the time next year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) rolls around. 

The report is light on G3 details, but does claim that it will sport a fingerprint scanner much like we saw on the HTC One Max in that it requires a swipe. If that’s the case, I’d rather LG go ahead and trash the idea right now. Take a quick look at our One Max review to see how terrible of a move that can be. If you can’t implement a fingerprint scanner like Apple has done with such a little footprint, then I’m not sure we need one. Or maybe I should give LG a chance to prove that a fingerprint scanner can be useful if done right? OK, I’ll try. They did take innovation up a notch this year with…rear-mounted buttons…woof.

The two reports out of Korean media also claim that we’ll see a smartwatch called the G Arch accompany the G3 at MWC, along with a fitness tracker called the G Health. Little is known about the G Arch, but one could assume it’ll pair seamlessly with the G3 and other LG products. Here’s to hoping they don’t limit it to just LG devices, right, Samsung? The G Health on the other hand actually made a brief appearance at last year’s CES as a prototype, but never did meet LG’s “summer” launch time frame. In case you were wondering, the product looked identical to a Nike Fuelband, though it did have a swipeable touchscreen and support for apps on both iOS and Android.

Ready for smartwatches to disappear forever or are you still hoping someone can finally get it right?

Via:  Korea Herald | Engadget | Daum | Blog of Mobile



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