Moto X $150 Off Full Retail Promo Returns, 50% Off Accessories Too

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Kicking yourself over missing out on the Cyber Monday Moto X deal that granted customers $150 off the full retail price? You, my friends, are in luck today. Thanks to a promo running through the Today Show (yes, that Today Show), you have a second chance at the same deal as long as you are interested in buying Sprint or AT&T models of the phone through MotoMaker (Edit: it now appears to be for all carrier models). Once again, you can grab a custom made Moto X at $350 without a contract for a limited time. 

Similar to the botched Cyber Monday deal that eventually turned into a promo code bonanza, today’s deal also requires you to fill out a form and wait for a unique code to be emailed to you.

We should point out that through the deal you can choose to get the phone for $49.99 on-contract with Sprint or AT&T, and $29.99 on-contract with Verizon should you not want to buy the phone off-contract. During the registration step, you have to choose which way you are leaning.

This is how it works:

  1. Head over to this Motorola sign-up form.
  2. Enter promo code “todayshow50” in the registration code box.
  3. Fill out the rest of the form with a working email address.
  4. Choose which discount you want: $150 off full retail or 50% off on-contract price.
  5. Click “submit” and wait for your code to arrive.
  6. Once you have your code, create your Moto X masterpiece, and enter the code at checkout.

And last, the deal also mentions customers receiving 50% off of accessories.

Go get it!

*Note – The Bamboo Moto X is excluded from the promo.

Via:  Today
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