Cover Brings Its Contextual Self Out of Beta, Open to All on Google Play

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After a six-week private beta period, Cover, the contextually aware lock screen replacement on Android, is now open to all. We went hands-on with Cover during its initial release on beta, finding it to be a quality lock screen replacement, especially for movers and shakers. 

With its ability to change depending on time of day, movement, or location, Cover is capable of becoming an incredibly powerful tool on your smartphone. As a lock screen replacement, it also won’t mess with your home screen setup or 3rd party launcher, so your world won’t be completely turned upside down by implementing it onto your phone.

Through the six-week beta period, the Cover team was able to really fine-tune the experience for its public release. Battery usage has been optimized, as has compatibility, car detection, and their “peek” feature.

Here are some of the changes they have made through the beta:

  • Optimized battery usage (for most people, Cover isn’t among the top 10 battery-consuming apps on their phone)
  • Improved car detection accuracy (motion-sensing algorithms)
  • Compatibility with KitKat, Nexus 5, new ART runtime for Android
  • When peeking and switching between apps, Cover now perfectly maintains state within each app
  • Added tutorials on fast app-switching, how to set custom wallpapers/ring volume, how to use Cover with a security code (PIN/Pattern)
  • More customization options (e.g. configure size and location of app tray target)
  • Ability to share your Cover setup on Facebook/Twitter/Google+

Cover is currently available to anyone running Android 4.1+ and will soon be ready for Android 2.3+.

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