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Day 2 of Motorola’s $150-off Moto X Promo Happens Today at 9AM Pacific! (Updated)

You ready for day-2 of Motorola’s $150-off Moto X MotoMaker promo code giveaway?

To make up for a botched Cyber Monday deal, Motorola decided to re-do this incredible full retail price discount on their 2013 flagship by handing out promo codes over two separate days that can be redeemed within a week. This not only decreases the stress on their custom phone software, but also gives you time to finalize your custom phone. For those not familiar with the promo, $150 off the full retail price of a Moto X gets you into a 16GB version for $350 or the 32GB version for $399, and that’s without a contract. It’s most certainly the deal of the season. 

As you all know if you hung out with us last week, the codes don’t hang around for long, so be ready a couple of minutes before 9:00AM Pacific (12:00PM Eastern). Last Wednesday, all codes were gone with 10 minutes. Thankfully, we had the community donate a couple of dozen to hand out to you, the glorious DL community.

We don’t have the official links for this week’s sign-up form, but feel free to try these as we get closer to go-live (9AM Pacific, 12PM Eastern):



UPDATE:  And it’s over. That’s it for Motorola’s $150-off deal!