Motorola had a Rough Cyber Monday: If MotoMaker Not Up by 9:30PM ET, They’ll do the $150 Off Deal on Wednesday

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Well, folks, today didn’t exactly goes as planned if your calendar included a scheduled appearance on Motorola’s MotoMaker site. As you are all well aware, Motorola wanted to kick off a Cyber Monday deal at 9AM ET that would let you walk into a custom made Moto X for $349, which is $150 off the full retail price of their 2013 flagship. It was supposed to be the deal of the day, at least in our books. Unfortunately, we never got to the deal thanks to a massive amount of traffic flooding Motorola’s site before the deal kicked off, crashing it into oblivion. 

Motorola tried as they might all day to get things back up and running, yet here we are 12 hours later with nothing new to report other than a potential move to another day. Should Motorola not have their MotoMaker site up and running by 9:30PM ET (6:30PM Pacific) tonight, they’ll look to kickstart things once again on Wednesday, December 4, at Noon ET (9:00AM Pacific) and then follow that up with another showing on Monday, December 9.

Here is what they said on Twitter moments ago:

If we’re not live by 9:30 PM ET tonight, we’ll offer the price promo @ Noon ET on Wed and again on Mon 12/9, doubling the devices available.

I know this isn’t exactly the news you were hoping for, but it may at least give your finger a much needed rest after hitting “refresh” every 10 seconds for the last half-day.

Update:  Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has issued an apology. They will indeed open up the sale again on this Wednesday and then again next Monday. Details here.

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