Dead Trigger 2 Receives Major Balancing Update, Makes Game a Little Less Challenging

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Dead Trigger 2

Madfinger launched a massive update for Dead Trigger 2 recently, which brings major game balancing changes that should make zombie slayers happy. For those who found the special zombies rather challenging, Madfinger decided to lower their health, as well as making their special abilities less terrifying. 

For example, the Kamikaze’s explosion damage has been lowered, plus the Vomitron’s spitting aim has been dulled as well. If anyone has played the game, you would have ran into these guys, and they were not nice at all. Look below to see the full list of changes.

What’s New:

Gameplay Balancing

  • Kamikadze – Decrease Damage done by explosion
  • Vomitron – Lowered aiming capability
  • Berserker – Decrease HP
  • ScientFist – Balanced radioactivity damage
  • Zombies difficulty was rebalanced
  • Several missions were rebalanced
  • Inverted y-axis added


  • Samsung S III and S IV crashes fixed
  • Broken fonts fixed
  • Produced chain-saw is visible in Inventory
  • Inactive boosters are not visible anymore
  • Pain-Killer upgrade works correctly

While this update will be appreciated by players who were finding the gameplay difficult, I would have much rather seen a update for all of the time you must wait in order to upgrade weapons and characters. Needing to spend $50,000 and wait two days for a shotgun upgrade is insane.

Anyone here still playing this game?

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