Cover is an Invite-only Android Lock Screen Replacement That Contextually Changes to Meet Your Needs

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cover android

Remember Aviate? That would be the Android home screen replacement that changes depending on the time of day, your location, and a variety of other factors to present you with a home screen setup that makes your life easier. We took it for a lengthy hands-on that you should probably check out if you haven’t. But what if you like your home screen or 3rd party launcher, yet would like to have a similar experience on say, your lock screen? Enter Cover

Cover launched this morning as an invite-only lock screen replacement for Android. In a way, it really is like the Aviate of lock screens. Cover works with your location, checks to see if you are driving, or if you watching tonight’s game, and then adjusts to present you with apps you may need quick access to. Are you in a meeting? Here are shortcuts to your calendar and Dropbox apps. Are you chilling on the couch watching NFL on a Sunday morning? Here are your favorite sports and Twitter apps. Did you just plugin headphones? Here are your music apps. Do you want your phone to turn on vibrate while at work and then back to volume-on at home? It can do that too.

With shortcuts set on your Cover lock screen, a simple swipe from the icon to the right access the app. You can peak at apps if you don’t want to fully launch them, but also quickly task switch between others with a hidden navigation bar. Neat idea, right?

Again, it’s invite-only for the time being, so be sure to jump below and sign-up if this sounds at all interesting to you.

Sign-up for Cover.



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