Devil’s Ride for Android, Trailer Confirms Dubstep is Work of the Devil

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Devil's Ride

A game recently published onto Google Play called Devil’s Ride looks to bring a little darkness and humor to your phone or tablet, with its comical personification of the Devil and his sweet motorcycle. In the game, you take to what appears to be a barren wasteland of sorts, running over all things that get in your way. There are many different level themes, tricks to perform on your fully customizable bike, and power ups to collect. Tyrannosaurus Rex power up included! 

The game is free to download from Google Play, but it’s apparent there will be a few IAP to get power ups quicker if you so choose. The game is vaguely similar to Beach Buggy Blitz, a race against the clock kind of game.

Go on and download it with your bad self.

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